The act is beginning, the audience waiting

"Anybody that goes to the theater, I think we're all misfits, so we ended up on stage or in the audience." -Patti LuPone

It appears that you've stumbled across the blog of a 19-year old boy who goes by the name of Kurt Hummel.

Hello, everyone. If you've come across this blog somehow and don't know me, hello. Unless your intentions are predatory, I am glad you take an interest in this blog of mine. In the case that I do know you, I welcome you as well. Again, there are certain people that I know who I would prefer stay away from this page. Alas, in making this blog, I did obviously allow my everyday life to be open to public viewing. If you have a problem with anything I am or anything I do, kindly click back to your little dashboard and leave me alone.

If you have made it this far, assuming you listened to my suggestions, I must commend you for being superior to many people I have had the misfortune of meeting. Please, make yourself comfortable, look around, and feel free to ask me anything your heart desires.

As stated previously, I am Kurt Hummel, a student at New York University. I am living in the Lower Manhattan Apartments. Perhaps you recognize me from when I judged your lack of texture and pattern coordination skills when you shopped at Bellissimo, a small boutique in Manhattan where I work.

Unexpected Visit

Tagging → Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson
Time Frame → Late Saturday Afternoon, September 15th, 2012
Location → Blaine’s Apartment
General Notes → If you don’t want to do thread form anymore, that’s fine. I just like how it looks. xD But I know it’s easier on mobile the other way, so whatever you want. Also, the title obviously lacks creativity so~

Kurt hadn’t been in the best mood lately. Classes for the past week had been merely alright at best and nothing particularly eventful had occurred. Seeing as Kurt enjoyed being on his feet and being busy, the past week had been a bit of a disappointment. He’d finally quit his job at Bellissimo. His boss had been getting way too forward and even a little handsy and Kurt had decided that wasn’t something he wanted to have put with every day. Honestly, he was a little afraid the man would cross the line even farther than he already had. Unfortunately, he had yet to find a new job to replace it, which he’d been frantically trying to do since quitting. One would think find a job in such a large city wouldn’t be hard, but Kurt wanted a job that he could at least partially enjoy. That seemed unrealistic at this point, and after spending the past few hours looking for just that, he wanted something to do – or at least someone to spend time with. The obvious choice was Blaine. They hadn’t had any real quality time alone for a while, and his boyfriend always managed to brighten his mood.

Kurt checked to make sure he looked even more presentable than usual (because he always looked amazing, after all) before turning to leave his room, smiling to himself. He knew he didn’t have to get dressed up to go see Blaine, especially since he’d given him no prior notice and could very well arrive down the hallway just to be greeted by his roommate or just to find no one there, but Kurt did care enough to put a little more effort than normal into looking good when he was with Blaine. Leaving his apartment, he waved goodbye in his roommate’s direction somewhere in the living room, though Kurt doubted the other man noticed it. His grin was still present at the prospect of seeing Blaine as he walked down the hallway. When he arrived at the door, he knocked and waited to see if there would be an answer.